Atopic dermatitis on the pope in a child

According to statistics, diseases associated with impaired functioning of the immune system are diagnosed more and more every year. If earlier many diseases were manifested only in adolescents and adults, today they also affect children. Atopic dermatitis is one such ailment. It delivers special discomfort to the child if it is localized on the pope.

Symptoms of the disease

Numerous photos of atopic dermatitis on the pope in a child clearly demonstrate to us how the disease manifests itself. The most important feature of atopic skin is constant dryness. If you do not regularly moisturize the body with special means – emollients , then irritation, itching will appear, and in especially serious cases, cracks may even occur. Therefore, if you notice that after some time after applying the usual baby cream, the skin on the baby’s buttocks is dry again, and the child himself is worried about this, contact a dermatologist or pediatrician.

What will the specialist prescribe?

Treatment of dermatitis on the pope will definitely be complex. As a rule, atopic children often also have allergies, so the doctor will recommend a diet that excludes the consumption of certain fruits and vegetables, sugary drinks, fish, eggs, pastry-based products. At home, it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning once a day without the use of detergents, to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity. In no case should the child be wrapped up – sweat provokes irritation.

Additionally, medication will be prescribed. The specialist will definitely prescribe probiotics, vitamin complexes, antihistamines, and possibly prescribe hormonal ointments and physiotherapy. As a maintenance therapy during the exacerbation of inflammation and during the period of remission, special products with a mild composition, designed specifically for atopic skin, will be prescribed.

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