How to control itching in psoriasis?

Itching, or pruritus , is the strongest, most unpleasant and dangerous symptom of psoriasis. It disrupts sleep, depresses mood and provokes an increase in plaques, and an infection can penetrate through scratching. Scratching the plaques, you prevent the healing of the skin.

Scratching brings only illusory and temporary relief. In fact, mechanical action worsens the condition of the skin – it tears off a new layer of the young epidermis and injures the healthy layer surrounding the plaques. Itching can be either mild and localized or severe when the skin is scratched to the point of bleeding.

Prevention of itching and removal of this unpleasant symptom, on the contrary, help to heal the skin and minimize the spread of plaques.

  • Hormonal drugs effectively and very quickly relieve itching, but do not forget that they are used for a limited time.
  • The intensity of itching is reduced by substances such as Naftalan oil, ichthyol, sulfur, tar, silver nitrate. They are part of non-hormonal drugs for the treatment of dermatological diseases.
  • Healthy sleep for at least 7 hours normalizes the metabolism and hormonal status of the body. Easy falling asleep will be provided by coolness in the room, darkness, fresh air and relaxation before going to bed with massage, reading, light herbal tea, etc.
  • Proper hygiene regenerates the skin. Use specially formulated products to care for irritated skin, and also dry yourself after taking a shower, paying particular attention to the folds of the body.
  • Sweating is another factor in the development of itching. Wear ventilated clothing and shoes to avoid excessive perspiration.
  • Dry skin is dangerous not only with the appearance of pruritus , but also with abundant peeling. Moisturize the epidermis with creams with vegetable oils and extracts after each contact with water or guided by your own feelings.
  • Warm baths with herbal decoctions have a beneficial effect on the skin, restoring its natural hydration.
  • A cold water compress will help quickly relieve itching.
  • Stress and anxiety also provoke itching. In addition to sleep, sports, yoga, meditation, psychological counseling help to restore the psychological state.

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