How to cure psoriasis at home

It is necessary to treat psoriasis with all available means available to both official and traditional medicine. Of course, to start any of the available therapies, the obligatory recommendations of a specialist – a dermatologist are needed, since without this there can be no talk of any positive dynamics. And if you consider that it will never be possible to completely get rid of the disease, no matter what modern methods, proven methods and super-effective drugs you are offered to be treated, preventive measures play an important role in maintaining long-term remissions of psoriasis, which patients with chronic skin diseases have to observe throughout their lives.

What to do and how to treat psoriasis with accompanying “home” therapy? A correct lifestyle and adherence to a strictly balanced diet are prerequisites for preventing outbreaks of relapses of the disease. But no less important role in this matter is played by proper skin care, because it is he who helps to exercise total control over psoriasis.  

Skin care

Ask any dermatologist how to treat psoriasis on an outpatient basis using folk remedies, and the first thing he will answer is: “Do not forget about optimal skin hydration for a day!” Yes, it is very important to maintain the water balance in the epidermis, especially in the areas affected by psoriatic eruptions.  

To do this, you need to use special moisturizing creams, make medicinal baths with decoctions of medicinal herbs, apply compresses to the lesions. Such therapeutic and prophylactic procedures will not only provide the skin with sufficient moisture, but will also produce a softening, exfoliating, antifungal, disinfecting, antiseptic effect, which will help to significantly speed up the healing process.

After carrying out such procedures, experts recommend carefully removing crusts from the diseased areas that are not tightly attached to the surface of psoriatic plaques. This will help to avoid painful sensations during mechanical action on the skin, reduce itching, and contribute to an early reduction in the symptoms of the disease. In addition, this will increase the effect of the use of local therapy, as ointments and creams will be better absorbed into the skin.

Rules for the use of medicines

Do not forget that the use of any drug must be carried out with unquestioning observance of all recommendations and instructions! Plus, in solving the problem of how to treat psoriasis , there is always such a stage at which each patient selects individually the means that have the most effective effect on his condition. At the same time, drugs that cause side effects are “weeded out”. Therefore, it is extremely important both to comply with the instructions for the use of any formulations, and to carefully monitor the body’s response to these funds. 

If the stage and form of psoriasis involves the use of corticosteroid drugs ( prednisone , dexamethasone, hydrocortisone, etc.), in no case violate the duration of the course. Exceeding the permissible terms can lead to the most unpredictable consequences, ranging from an exacerbation of the disease, ending with the occurrence of a variety of side effects, such as a sharp increase in body weight, peptic ulcer disease, sleep disturbances, a decrease in the body’s defenses, problems with the cardiovascular system, surges in blood pressure and much more.

The means of treating the disease “at home” include not only compresses and applications, decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants, which are recommended by traditional medicine. Special medical ointments, lotions and creams, local and systemic medications, medicinal baths with herbs or sea salt, aero and heliotherapy are involved in the treatment of psoriasis .

The purpose of all these methods is to relieve the symptoms of the disease in the acute stage of the course and to prevent exacerbations of psoriasis at the stage of remission.

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