Why does groin dermatitis occur?

Problems associated with diseases in the groin area are considered indecent by many patients, and they are embarrassed to discuss them not only with a partner, but also with a doctor. At the same time, statistics show that dermatitis in the groin is a fairly common disease.

Types of inguinal dermatitis in women and men

Among the possible diseases, most often in the inguinal region there are diseases of a fungal nature (the so-called inguinal epidermophytosis and candidiasis of the folds). Diseases of a bacterial nature ( erythrasma ) and inflammatory dermatoses (psoriasis, contact dermatitis, benign familial pemphigus) can also manifest in a similar way. Children often develop diaper dermatitis in the groin area, primarily due to improper care of the diaper area.

In some cases, it is impossible to make a diagnosis from a photo. A dermatologist, in addition to examining the affected skin, will take a scraping to exclude the infectious nature of the disease, and will conduct an examination using a special ultraviolet lama – a Wood’s lamp.

Causes of inguinal dermatitis in men and women

Among the factors that cause the disease are:

  1. reaction to synthetic fabrics from which underwear is sewn;
  2. intolerance to any component that is part of intimate hygiene products;
  3. the use of poor-quality gaskets or their irregular change;
  4. insufficient attention to hygiene in this area;
  5. fullness, as a result of which folds form on the skin;
  6. increased sweating.
  7. bacterial or fungal infection

Prevention of dermatitis in the groin in men and women

So that the disease does not disturb your quiet life, get a separate towel for the groin area, which you will often wash. Use specialized means for intimate hygiene should be careful. Doctors repeatedly draw public attention to the fact that not all of them meet the standards.

One of the main preventive measures for women is the observance of the rules of intimate hygiene on the so-called critical days. Do not forget that pads should be changed not only when necessary, but also after a few hours, so that the bacteria that have accumulated on them do not get on the skin. You need to shower more often than usual.

Treating rashes in the groin area is a difficult task. Modern anti-inflammatory drugs cannot be used in this area for a long time, because the skin is thinner and unwanted reactions may develop. At the same time, it is very important to restore the structure of the skin after a pronounced inflammatory process.

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