Ah, this psoriasis! In the treatment of ointment, the first remedy!

Psoriasis is caused by a genetic predisposition and can manifest itself in different age periods. Scientists associate genetic abnormalities with chromosome 17, however, clinical manifestations of the disease are preceded by various stressful effects on the body. The essence of the pathological processes in chronic and acute psoriasis is the excessive proliferation of cells in the surface layers of the skin. First, changes appear in the vessels of the skin, then inflammation and thickening of the epidermis increase, the upper layers of the skin become dry and rough. The most common is plaque psoriasis with a chronic course, but there are many other variants of the disease, including those with severe damage to internal organs.

The nature of skin changes and the combination of pathologies determine the tactics and duration of treatment. When psoriasis occurs , treatment with topical ointments is the most readily available for timely use. However, it is necessary to accurately determine the stage of the disease, since the form of the disease determines the tactics of choosing any drugs.  

General treatment

Vitamins, especially groups B, A and E, as well as vitamins C and PP and folic acid activate metabolic processes, act correctly on the immune system, and promote the healing of psoriatic plaques. Sedatives and psychotropic drugs break the pathological circle in which the nervous system is able to provoke and prolong exacerbations. And the medicines ” Cyclosporin A”, ” Methotrexate ” and ” Neotigazon ” are used in severe cases of systemic forms of the disease. Treatment of the initial forms of psoriasis is carried out with emollients and keralitics , coal tar, anthralin , corticosteroids, calcipotriol .

As the only drug to fight the disease, this method is, of course, ineffective and should be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as physiotherapy. Nevertheless, local therapy copes well with the symptoms of the disease, and ointments are the first remedy for combating psoriasis. Let us examine in more detail the effect of some drugs.

Ointments against psoriasis

To soften the flaky surfaces of psoriatic plaques, hydrating ointments are used, the components of which trap intercellular water molecules. Often recommended for psoriasis disease treatment with ointments ” Psoriaten ” and ” Unna “, which soften the skin, have an antimicrobial effect and reduce the abnormal intensity of division of epidermal cells.  

Salicylic acid preparations remove excess scaly formations on psoriatic plaques, preparing them for the effects of tar, coal tar or hormonal drugs. It is possible to use Friderm shampoo with components of tar and coal tar. Combine tar treatment with the hardware method of ultraviolet radiation.

Anthralin ointment inhibits the genetic information of rapidly dividing cells, suppressing their excessive activity. Ingrama is often combined with phototherapy and applications of anthralin paste with salicylic acid as an activator.

The hormonal components contain Belosalik , Loriden A and Vipsogal ointments . Such ointments are also used in combination with salicylates. In order to more reduce the acute effects on the skin at such disease like psoriasis, ointments treatment ” lokakortena tar” and ” Loriden T” on the basis of tar and hormonal components recommended by most dermatologists. In applying kaltsiprinola in the ointment ” Psorkutan ” is produced an effect similar to the use of corticosteroid ointments.  

However, the risk of side effects at the level of the whole body increases. In the process of prolonged use of hormonal ointments, immunity decreases, the skin becomes thinner at the site of application of drugs, the course of the disease may become complicated. In some cases, the disease ceases to be sensitive even to high doses of hormones.

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