Joint psoriasis. Effective treatments

Psoriasis is one of the most ancient diseases of mankind and is a problem for more than 2% of the entire population of the planet. This disease is chronic, occurs with a special predisposition of the body to it, it is not contagious. It manifests itself in the form of red, very dry formations, raised to varying degrees above the surface of the skin.

Any physical or chemical damage to the skin, hormonal changes, weakening of the immune system, infectious diseases, alcohol, smoking or strong emotional experiences can provoke the development of psoriasis. Psoriasis is never completely cured, but it can be forgotten for many years if the local and systemic therapeutic treatment prescribed by a specialist is correctly applied.

Psoriasis is a dangerous disease

Without proper treatment, this type of acute inflammatory skin disease over time affects the entire body and causes changes not only on the skin, but also in other organs. One of the many types of psoriasis is arthropathic psoriasis. Psoriasis of joints and connective tissues is the most severe form of the disease and can lead to disability of the patient.  

The symptoms of the disease in this case are as follows: soreness appears in the muscles and joints, significantly reducing the mobility of the limbs, the joints swell, redden and fill up. In the acute course of psoriasis of the joints, it is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, weakness, headaches and other types of ailments.

Any joints can affect the disease, but most often the phalanges of the fingers and toes, somewhat less often the knee and elbow joints, suffer from it, in a very small percentage of patients the disease affects the spine. Almost a third of all people who are disposed to this disease face joint damage to varying degrees.

Treatment methods for psoriasis depend on the stage in which the disease is currently located. In a progressive stage, the use of highly effective drugs can lead to complications, therefore, ultraviolet exposure and any thermal procedures cannot be used. And for the treatment of the regressing stage of the disease, these methods, on the contrary, bring noticeable relief.

Medicines are selected individually, depending on the form of the disease – treatment begins with lighter creams and ointments that are harmless to the body. Among such drugs, those that contain zinc pyrithione are especially popular . These funds, with minimal side effects, help no worse, and sometimes even better, hormonal drugs.

If there is no improvement in the patient’s condition, more toxic drugs, injections and pills are prescribed. In some cases, ultraviolet radiation and photochemotherapy.

Complementary treatment for joint psoriasis

It is necessary to treat psoriasis, including psoriasis of the joints , in a comprehensive manner , therefore, when the disease is not in an exacerbation stage, patients are shown spa treatment, where there is the possibility of solar, air and salt baths, mud wraps, various procedures to strengthen the nervous system and purify the organism as a whole. 

You can not discount the possibilities of traditional medicine. Here are several effective and affordable ways to treat joint psoriasis, recommended by alternative medicine.

Baths. Daily baths with succession, sage, St. John’s wort, chamomile, calendula, celandine, will help cure psoriasis of the joints . For a liter of water, you need a little less than half a glass of a decoction of any of the herbs. Take a bath for about 20 minutes. 

Tar water. Wipe the affected areas with a cotton swab dipped in tar water. Mix warm water (1l) with birch tar (100 g) and let it brew. When the infusion ends, add warm water again. And so on until the tar ends at the bottom.

Mixtures. Mix 20 g of Kalanchoe juice and 60 g of eucalyptus juice, add 20 g of honey, mix thoroughly. Mix 20 g of castor oil and ash of rosehip branches, add 10 g of honey, 50 g of tar and fresh protein. Lubricate the plaques 2 times a day. Both mixtures need to stand for 3 days and only then apply. Store in a dark bottle.

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