Cryotherapy and skin defects

Treatment, in which the “medicine” is cold, has been known for a very long time. Let’s find out in detail what this ” cryotherapy” technique is and everything connected with it , how it heals, its pros and cons.

About cryotherapy and its ability to treat

Cold treats a large number of diseases, effectively relieves pain syndromes. He, acting strictly dosed, helps:

with injuries of the spine and musculoskeletal system;

in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the joints;

in the treatment of obesity;

get rid of cellulite;

in the treatment of migraine, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, muscle pain, intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, infertility, symptoms of menopause, bronchitis, pneumonia, in restoring the physical strength of athletes, chronic fatigue syndrome.

How cold affects the body

The procedure of exposure to cold on a person takes place in a special cryosauna . The skin of a patient placed in a cryosauna filled with nitrogen gas is cooled for two or three minutes at a temperature of minus 140 *. To protect the patient from the cold, woolen socks and mittens are put on the patient’s hands and feet, and a special mask protects the face. During exposure, only the skin surface is cooled, which does not lead to hypothermia of the body.

Due to the short time exposure to ultra-low temperature, there is a rapid narrowing and then expansion of blood vessels. For the body, this is like a powerful shake-up, thanks to which all body functions are included in the work. There is a release of endorphin – the hormone of happiness, due to which there is a surge of strength, a feeling of cheerfulness and joy. Cryotherapy:

has a healing effect on the organs of the human body;

activates the protective functions of the body;

· increases immunity;

Strengthens resistance to physical and psychological stress;

improves well-being;

blood circulation is accelerated;

· increases working capacity;

· has a beneficial effect on the activity of the neurohumoral and endocrine systems.

The technique of cryotherapy, and everything connected with it , is actively used in complex treatment. To achieve the effect, you need to go through at least 20 sessions. The positive impact of the procedure persists for a year and a half.

Cryotherapy at home

Compresses, using ice and cold water, also belong to cryotherapy. At home, they help reduce pain from: sprains and bruises. Cold water compresses are effective for headaches. With these ailments, the pain syndrome is relieved due to the effect of cold on small blood vessels that narrow. At the same time, the sensitivity of nerve endings decreases and, as a result, pain sensations disappear.

Cryotherapy and skin defects

Liquid nitrogen treatment has long been used to remove moles, warts, scars, scars, papillomas, and acne from the body. Due to the deep, and prolonged, more than 30 seconds, exposure to liquid nitrogen, freezing and subsequent death of defective skin tissues occurs.

fashionable to include the cryoelectrophoresis procedure , used in the treatment of skin diseases, to new methods. Frozen drugs are injected deep under the skin using an electrical pulsating current.

Contraindications for the cryotherapy procedure

No matter how effective any treatment is, it always has a number of contraindications. Cryotherapy should not be used for those who suffer from:

Respiratory diseases;

Severe and chronic forms of diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

diseases of the nervous system;

acute forms of diseases of the urinary system;

thromboembolic pathology;

violations of arterial vessels;

blood diseases;

infectious diseases;


Allergic reactions to exposure to cold;

brain strokes;

Renal and heart failure.


Now we know – cryotherapy, and everything connected with it , occurs under the influence of cold. These are various effective procedures that help to cope with a large number of different cosmetic and medical problems. Good luck.

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