Dermatosis?! The way out is easy!

So the time of heavy fur coats has ended, the time has come for light jackets, spring has come. Finally, you can go out into the street in all the outfits that have been stale over the long winter, show off in front of your friends with dresses brought from abroad, flirt, but you never know the reasons to finally throw off the hoodies that have become disgusting over the winter!

And then, so inopportunely, a wound on the arm. And where did it come from, like there was nothing! And this, along with the spring, came to us and a seasonal exacerbation of allergies, a seasonal exacerbation of dermatoses.

Despite the slightly scary name, the concept of dermatosis includes a huge number of different skin diseases, and they are different both in the clinical picture and in the reasons for their occurrence.

The reason can be both external factors, such as bites of all kinds of insects, a variety of mechanical damage, tattoos and much more. So are internal factors, it can be stress, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and everything that can, one way or another, undermine your immunity.

Most often, dermatoses occur in the form of psoriasis and neurodermatitis, and if the causes of the former are still not known for certain, the latter are one of the symptoms of allergies and occur after skin contact with cosmetics or contact with pet hair.

The treatment of the disease occurs individually for each person, since each specific case is unique and there is no one method of treatment. However, one way or another, the control of a specialist will be a prerequisite in any case, since this is the only guarantee for the development of complications.

Only one thing remains constant, with any of the subspecies of dermatosis, in our blood the level of various poisons and allergens simply goes off scale, which poison our body every second, not forgetting to take all the strength, both physical and moral. This is observed both in all kinds of depressions, and in low working capacity. In order to purify the blood and significantly improve one’s own well-being, it is necessary to take enterosorbents of a new generation, such as, for example, Polysorb MP, which differs from competitors for the better in indications for use by pregnant women and children and a high sorbing surface.

In addition to cleansing the body from the inside, it is necessary to brighten up the manifestation of the disease from the outside as much as possible, using a variety of pharmacological agents that can reduce itching and reduce the inflammatory process.

May spring bring you only warmth and joy, without diluting them with sores!

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