Causes of an itchy head

The cause of itching of the head may be psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. These ailments occur accompanied by fungal infections, due to which the skin on the head begins to become covered with keratinized scales and itch. A large number of scales leads to the spread of bacteria, which are also the cause of an itchy head.

Other causes of itching of the head are illiterate hair care or commonplace hair lice.

Eliminate causes of itchy scalp

Unbearable itching, which cannot be tolerated, requires treatment, and the treatment consists in eliminating the causes of the itchy head.

First, you can not wash your hair with ordinary soap. The use of soap has an extremely negative effect on the condition of the hair, as it removes a protective film of natural fat from the surface of the scalp. The absence of a film is also the cause of an itchy head.

Changing the shampoo can help with the itching. The choice of this detergent should be based on the type of hair and their characteristics.

The cause of an itchy head may be an allergic reaction. In such a situation, antihistamine drugs help, which effectively relieve the sensation of itching from the scalp. Regarding the selection of a particular drug, it is better to consult a specialist.

If you experience itching of the head, in any case, it is better to go to an appointment with a dermatologist. If, after independent measures to eliminate the causes of itching of the head and the ineffectiveness of treatment, there is no improvement in the condition, then only the help of a professional doctor can help.

The development of psoriasis can be accompanied by severe itching of the head. To solve the problem, pharmacies sell special shampoos based on birch tar. Of course, these products do not smell like roses, but they effectively help eliminate the cause of an itchy head. Tar cleanses the skin from the formed scales and heals it. Removing the inflammatory process guarantees getting rid of the itching of the head. As a rule, the effect is noticeable after two weeks of use. If there is no improvement, you need to visit a dermatologist.

It often happens that improper combing or the use of inappropriate styling products can cause an itchy scalp. The chemical compounds that make up cosmetics can cause severe damage to the hair, which is expressed in the inflammatory process and itching. In any case, with the development of itching, it is necessary to review all the means used.

Among other things, the hair dye used can be the cause of an itchy head. Such coloring compositions contain harmful compounds that cause itchy scalp in many people. In a severe case, blisters form on the head. Within a few weeks after contact of the scalp with these substances, an immune process is disturbed. In order to avoid the negative effect of the coloring composition, it is necessary to pre-test it, as indicated in the instructions for use.

The cause of an itchy head is lice

Banal pediculosis can lead to the development of severe itching. Lice, parasitic insects of very small size, make holes in the thickness of the scalp through which they feed on blood. In order for the blood not to clot, lice inject their poison under the skin, which is the direct cause of the itching of the head.

To eliminate lice, there are now a large number of ways – from medicated shampoos to clinical procedures to eliminate parasites. It is important to remember that if one family member is infested with lice, the rest are likely to suffer as well.

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