Treatment of erythrasma

Erythrasma is a dermatological disease that develops due to pathogens located in the cornea of skin epidermis. Accumulations of these microorganisms are observed in skin folds. The impetus for the active reproduction of these bacteria is excessive sweating, which is called hyperhidrosis in medicine. Poor personal hygiene, too hot climate with high humidity can aggravate the course of the disease. Erythrasma is not particularly contagious, characterized by a long period of development.

Timely diagnosis is often difficult, as patients rarely turn to dermatologists on their own. This is due to the fact that at the very beginning , erythrasma is almost asymptomatic. The only thing that can indicate it is the formation of yellowish or light red rashes on the skin. Only when the disease begins to manifest itself in the inflammatory process, the person understands that going to the doctor is inevitable. With inflammation, soreness of the whole body, deterioration of well-being and scabies are noted. Diagnosis of erythrasma is carried out on the basis of clinical manifestations and the location of spots on the skin characteristic of this disease. When diagnosing, it is necessary to differentiate erythrasma from multi-colored lichen, dermatological candidiasis and psoriasis.

In the process of diagnosis, research methods such as analysis using a Wood’s lamp, examination of scales under a microscope, analysis of biochemistry and blood serology are performed. Due to the fact that the microorganisms that cause erythrasma secrete substances soluble in water, when the lamp is illuminated, the infected areas acquire a dark red hue. Treatment of erythrasma involves the use of drugs for external use and disinfection of the skin. For the treatment of erythrasma , erythromycin ointment and products containing sulfur and tar are used.

The preparations are applied to the affected areas of the skin several times a day for seven days. In addition, salicylic alcohol or alcohol tincture of iodine is used to disinfect the affected areas. If the skin is severely affected, then antibiotics for internal use are prescribed for the treatment of erythrasma . To eliminate skin redness and swelling, aniline dissolved in water is used. Physiotherapy procedures, including ultraviolet radiation, are quite effective for the treatment of erythrasma . Useful natural sun tan.

Ultraviolet radiation is characterized by a drying and disinfecting effect. UV rays become a barrier to the spread of the disease and its exacerbation. For a successful cure for erythrasma , it is necessary to disinfect all bedding, underwear and clothes, shoes and personal hygiene items. Clothes and underwear should be washed every day, after washing it is necessary to iron things. In order to avoid secondary infection, it is necessary to treat skin folds with salicylic alcohol or camphor alcohol daily for one month. After alcohol treatment, boric acid and talc are more effective.

prevention of erythrasma consists in strict adherence to hygiene rules, high-quality drying of the skin after water procedures, in particular skin folds. In addition, it is necessary to deal with increased sweating. The fight against hyperhidrosis involves the subcutaneous injection of Botox, the use of special deodorizing agents that reduce the work of the sweat glands. In addition, it is worth refusing to wear synthetic fabrics, and prefer natural linen and cotton.

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