Does psoriasis interfere with an active life?

Psychological discomfort, anxiety, the desire to hide at home are frequent companions of psoriasis. According to social surveys, about 70% of people suffering from this disease experience embarrassment. Indicators increase in cases where plaques appear on open areas of the body, especially on the face.

However, psoriasis is not a reason to deprive yourself of social life. It can be controlled, accepted and as active as people without skin diseases.

  • Do not hide psoriasis, first of all, it will hit your physical condition. Cosmetic masking agents will only aggravate inflammation, and closed clothing prevents ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin, which in some cases is necessary for recovery.
  • In addition, the desire to hide the symptoms negatively affects the emotional sphere. As a result of constant experiences, anxiety, tearfulness, sleep disturbances and even a nervous breakdown occur.
  • It is very difficult to cope with psychological pressure on your own. You must be supported by family, friends or a specialist. A good effect is shown by communication with “comrades in misfortune”, for example, on specialized forums or in social networks.
  • Your colleagues, especially the manager, should be aware of the disease. This will help you avoid embarrassing situations or cheating when you need to stay at home or visit a doctor.
  • When confronted with an interlocutor who shows concern about your disease, reassure him by saying that psoriasis is not contagious and in a nutshell explain what causes it.
  • Sports activities are useful not only for emotional, but also for physical health in psoriasis , since activity normalizes metabolic processes, so plaques are not a reason to forget about movement. Make sure that the sports uniform is comfortable and made of breathable materials, and that the shoes do not rub. Before class, sprinkle the plaques with baby talc (this will reduce the damaging effects of sweat), and if you visit the pool, apply a protective cream to the inflamed areas.
  • Meditation or relaxation during the day gives strength and restores energy. Don’t miss the chance to relax and take a nap for 10 minutes.
  • Healthy deep sleep is of great importance. During rest, all cells are renewed, melatonin is released. With its deficiency, a large amount of the stress hormone cortisol is released into the blood, provoking anxiety, and hence itching.
  • Your successes will give strength. Even small achievements change the emotional state – hormones are produced that improve mood. So that even the smallest success is not lost in the depths of memory, write it down.
  • Remember your positive qualities. No skin inflammation can affect your personality, and your loved ones love you regardless of psoriasis.
  • Gaining new knowledge is the best way to escape from stress. Learning languages, music, reading books, and upgrading your skills simply won’t leave you time to be sad.
  • Do not exaggerate. Plaques that seem huge and unsightly to outsiders may seem like a small inflammation to outsiders.

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