Healing vegetable oil: psoriasis is “afraid” of it!

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease of polyetiological origin, occurring with intermediate relapses and complications. It manifests itself in the area of ​​the knees, elbows, back and lumbar spine in the form of pinkish-red nodules. There is a clear pattern of merging of pustular eruptions into plaques of different sizes, with “geographic” contours and a flaking scaly surface of a silvery-whitish color.

Treating a disease requires great patience and meticulousness. The result of treatment will be favorable only if external and internal remedies are taken in a complex manner. At home, you can effectively use essential and vegetable oils prepared on your own based on natural ingredients.

Time-tested tools

Traditional medicine has centuries of experience in combating this unpleasant skin disease. Many recipes also use natural oil. Psoriasis responds well to symptomatic treatment with various formulations based on vegetable oils, which give a chance of recovery.  

Undoubtedly, the list of medicinal plants for making medicinal oil at home is very diverse: oregano, calamus, immortelle, lavender, bergamot, etc. Such herbs are the main components in the manufacture of natural essential oils. Corn, sunflower, flax – herbal products are also used with great success in the alternative treatment of psoriasis. To achieve a better result, it is better to use essential and vegetable oils at the same time, mix them.

It should be remembered that after applying the product to the affected areas of the skin, it is undesirable to be under the influence of direct sunlight and take water procedures for some time. Such homemade mixtures are very good at relieving itching and reducing flaking of the skin, which greatly alleviates the suffering of the patient.

Treatment of psoriasis with natural oils

An interesting and very effective method of treating the disease is the use of natural oils in physiotherapy and clinical treatment. Natural preparations, in combination with synthetic formulations, have an essential factor of deep penetration, which enhances the effect of therapeutic components on the skin and contributes to the extinction of the inflammatory process.

Natural oils have a number of advantages due to small changes in the original formulation and give practically new medicinal material. And most importantly, even after prolonged use, the patient does not develop dependence and addiction to them, as it happens after the use of synthetic or hormonal drugs.

It is known that the quality of treatment directly depends not only on a properly developed strategy and selected technique, but also on the quality of drugs. Buying synthetic oils, you do not expose your body to any danger, but the expected positive result from the treatment will not be either. The types of medicinal oils that are offered to customers in a pharmacy are far from always made from natural raw materials. Therefore, those who want to experience high-quality, relieving psoriasis oil on themselves will have to work hard in search.  

Finally, I would like to remind you again that no oil can cure psoriasis. Then, whether there is a need to buy it for an unknown effect is up to you. It is much more useful to adhere to traditional methods of treatment, lead a healthy lifestyle, observe a properly balanced diet, engage in psycho-training and regularly recover in specialized sanatoriums.

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