Psoriasis – a medical mystery

Psoriasis is a common disease and can be compared in prevalence to diabetes mellitus. In Northern Europe, 8% -7% of the population suffer from psoriasis, in Germany – 4%, in the USA – 3%, and in Denmark – most of all – 8 %, least of all in China – 0.3% of the population, but among the Indians of the South America has never been diagnosed with cases of the disease, as for our country, the Russians suffering from psoriasis – 2.5%. 

Medicine has not yet fully studied the disease psoriasis. Science knows little about the cause of this disease. Doctors do not have information why psoriasis sometimes occurs in people and also suddenly disappears. Some experts believe that psoriasis appears due to impaired immune function, physical and emotional reboots. But more often than not, psoriasis is inherited. At the same time, it is impossible to say for sure if a person has psoriasis, then whether it will pass to children, or maybe to grandchildren, or maybe, in general, it will not be transmitted to anyone. But the most surprising thing that doctors find in psoriasis is its ability to ” self-destruct “: a person can look for methods of treatment, and psoriasis itself will disappear in an unknown magical way.

Psoriasis looks like extraneous formation of crusts and small blisters on the skin, redness and severe peeling appear, while itching is present. It usually appears on the arms and legs. But in rare, severe cases, inflammation can cover large areas of the body. And, if treatment is not started on time, then psoriasis will develop into progressive arthritis. And this can lead to a deterioration in the condition of human bones and cartilages.

For the most part, psoriasis is a chronic disease, in the formation of which various provoking factors and heredity play a huge role. The main characteristic of psoriasis is the proliferation of special skin cells, the so-called keratinocytes , plus immunological and vascular changes in the skin.

Many diagnose themselves with psoriasis, as soon as some redness appears on the skin, people begin to diagnose the disease themselves. As a result, this is reflected negatively on the body. It is better for any strange rashes on the skin, consult a specialist. Psoriasis is considered an individual disease, so different treatments are prescribed each time.

It is believed that it is impossible to completely recover from psoriasis, that this diagnosis can only be reconciled. Especially exacerbation of psoriasis occurs in autumn and winter due to lack of sun, therefore, in northern countries, people are more likely to suffer from psoriasis. This is one of the facts that doctors know about psoriasis.

Also, doctors know that with psoriasis, you cannot use medications that contain calcium antagonists, lithium preparations, beta-blockers, immunostimulants, blood pressure medications and antimalarial drugs.

Another fact about psoriasis, which has also been confirmed in science, is that in this disease it is important to cleanse the body. Getting rid of toxins, allergens effectively helps to eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis.

To keep the skin clean with psoriasis, you need to regularly drink enterosorbents . Doctors recommend the drug Polysorb MP for this purpose . Unlike other enterosorbents , Polysorb MP has a high sorption capacity – more than 300 m2 / g, besides the highest ability to cleanse the body, Polysorb MP has a low price. It consists of natural silicon and does not contain chemical impurities, which allows young children to drink the medicine. The principle of action of Polysorb PM is simple: small particles of the drug penetrate the intestines, capture harmful substances, toxins, allergens, and remove them from the body in a natural way. The drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream, it is completely excreted from the body along with harmful substances. Thus , the body is cleansed of harmful substances, and the skin gets rid of redness, rashes. Psoriasis no longer torments a person, does not give him great discomfort. 

While psoriasis is being studied by doctors, people suffering from this disease have one way out – to sunbathe more, lead a healthy lifestyle and cleanse the body. We can only hope that the riddle of “psoriasis” will be solved in the near future.

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