All psoriasis sufferers should know this! Prevention of disease outbreaks

When the problem of chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis or dermatosis has come into your life, you need to understand that getting rid of it will be very difficult, and in most cases almost impossible. With all the desire, with all the development of modern medicine, scientists still have not found a remedy that could once and for all save the patient from such a disease. Moreover, the suffering that patients with psoriasis or eczema constantly experience are not only physical in nature (severe itching, burning sensation on the affected skin, pain), but also aesthetic inconveniences. Unpleasant changes in the skin, manifested during periods of exacerbation of psoriasis or eczema, have a repulsive appearance, so people with psoriasis experience certain difficulties in communicating with others.  

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cure chronic psoriasis – all therapies are aimed exclusively at reducing the symptoms of the disease and reducing the number of its exacerbations. But this does not mean at all that you can refuse treatment. On the contrary, psoriasis needs to be fought with all available means, to carry out the treatment prescribed by dermatologists, to use traditional medicine (only after consultation with a specialist!) That alleviate the course of the disease, and, of course, constantly adhere to the rules for the prevention of exacerbations of psoriasis.

What should psoriasis patients do to keep the disease under control at all times? 

Skin care rules

1. Constantly make sure that the skin is sufficiently hydrated. Creams, lotions, and other care products aimed at maintaining optimal water balance in the skin must be selected carefully. It is necessary to ensure that such formulations do not have components that can provoke an allergic reaction, contain a large percentage of natural substances, and have the necessary cosmetic and healing effects.

2. Patients with psoriasis should try to avoid any mechanical injury to the skin – a cut, burn, puncture, abrasion, scratch can cause the formation of new psoriatic plaques in this place , or cause an exacerbation of the disease. Nails and the skin around them also need to be protected – a neat manicure, preferably without the use of varnishes and nail extension techniques, therapeutic baths, therapeutic methods aimed at improving the nail plates and skin at the fingertips should be regular.  

3. It is necessary to try to avoid contact of the skin with external irritants that may cause an allergic reaction. This especially applies to various chemical compositions – household chemicals, varnishes, paints, solvents, etc.

Rules of life

1. It is preferable to live in favorable climatic conditions. With some types of psoriasis, a humid, sunny, hot climate will be beneficial, with others, on the contrary, it is recommended to live in regions with a dry, temperate climate.

2. It is necessary to avoid stressful situations, nervous overstrain, etc. Stress is one of the main causes of exacerbation of psoriasis, so you need to try to do everything possible to exclude from life any reasons for worry and strong anxiety.

3. You should avoid penetration into the body of any, even the most common infections, since they can provoke not only an outbreak of an existing form of psoriasis, but also become the reason for the formation of a new type of it.

4. Do not take any medications that can aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis. When prescribing new medications for you, you need to inform your doctor about your existing skin disease.

5. Observe a special diet for psoriasis constantly, even in the case when relapses of the disease have not been observed for a long time. In addition, it is advisable to completely stop smoking, drinking alcohol, exclude from the diet foods that can serve as an allergen for the body.

As you can see, the prevention of psoriasis is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. But if you adhere to these rules constantly, the disease will not give you any special problems and troubles.

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