Is it true that psoriasis is treated with herbs?

As there is no consensus among scientists about the causes of psoriasis, there is not a single generally accepted way to permanently get rid of this unaesthetic inflammatory disease. In order to cure psoriasis, numerous methods are used, the main action of which is aimed at reducing the severity of the manifestations of the disease and making the patient’s life easier.

You need to treat the cause of the disease

If we consider psoriasis as an autoimmune disease with certain systemic features, then it can be assumed that the development of the disease is directly related to the work of the digestive tract. Indeed, if the intestinal walls become thinner due to one reason or another, a certain amount of harmful substances and toxins can seep through them into the peritoneum. From there, toxins enter the circulatory system, and ultimately find a way out through the skin, thereby provoking the formation of psoriatic plaques.

Therefore, in order to provide symptomatic relief to patients with psoriasis, attention must be paid to bowel management. And in order to cure the intestines, reduce systemic toxicity and restore the digestive tract for a long time and successfully use a variety of natural remedies – external drugs, colonotherapy , special diets, herbal teas.

At the moment, psoriasis is treated with various substances, preparations, formulations, the total number of which exceeds 3000 names. Moreover, a third of all these substances are made from extracts of medicinal plants. That is, we can safely say that herbal medicine plays a huge role in the symptomatic treatment of psoriasis. The advantages that medicinal plants have over artificial substances are colossal. They are due to the high biological activity of the components that make up medicinal plants, the low toxicity of such drugs, the absence of serious side effects during their use, excellent tolerance, and the possibility of a long course of treatment.  

Magic herbs

Even ancient healers knew how to help patients suffering from a skin disease called psoriasis. He can be treated , of course, as then and today, by natural means. Herbs, plants and collections from them, widely used in the treatment of psoriasis, are well known to all. These include wood tar, aralia, chaga, sage, string, eleutherococcus and aloe, tansy, ginseng, calendula, sea buckthorn and fir oil, chamomile, and many others. Moreover, some medicines in the form of infusions, decoctions, baths, compresses and lotions can be prepared and used independently, at home.  

Of course, medicinal plants, no matter how powerful they may be, cannot completely cure psoriasis. But to remove the symptoms of the disease, to keep it in remission for a long time, to lengthen the time intervals between exacerbations, phytotherapy is quite within its power. Moreover, the interval between relapses of the disease, if psoriasis is treated with natural herbal remedies, can last from six months to 10-11 months. And sometimes outbreaks of the disease do not disturb the patient for several years. However, if rashes appear, then their number is insignificant, and the treatment of exacerbations is effective and fast.

If you are interested in this technique, you should remember that the course of treatment with herbal medicine in any case should be prescribed by a specialist, a dermatologist. Only he will be able to select the most suitable formulations, develop a plan for taking medications, supplement them with other therapies, and outline the duration of herbal psoriasis treatment. It is not recommended to use herbal treatments on your own.

Complex treatment with herbal medicine shows the best results during the period of seasonal exacerbation of psoriasis – in spring and autumn. The course of herbal medicine is recommended for a period of one to three months.

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