Skin psoriasis and smoking

Whole treatises have been written about the dangers of smoking, there is not a single person on earth who does not know how harmful the effect of inhalation of tobacco smoke is on the body. And yet, the number of smokers is not decreasing too much. Moreover, there are clear trends in cigarette addiction among schoolchildren and even primary school children. And this, together with other unfavorable factors of modern life, leaves an indelible imprint on the health of the younger generation.

Smoking is fatal!

Even for an absolutely healthy person full of strength and energy, smoking is deadly. But people suffering from such a difficult disease as skin psoriasis should treat smoking issues with increased attention. Do not even think to reassure yourself that psoriasis is not a fatal disease, that you have long learned to live with it, keep the disease “in check” and prevent possible relapses! There is a problem, and it is not at all as insignificant as it might seem at first glance. Not to mention the fact that tobacco smoke negatively affects the internal organs – lungs, heart, stomach, liver, etc., it directly affects the condition of the skin. Especially if they are affected by the chronic skin disease psoriasis. 

Let’s say that skin psoriasis for you is just the name of one of the diseases that you have never suffered from and do not even imagine that you can ever get it. And at the same time you smoke, not finding anything reprehensible in your bad habit. What happens in the body?  

Heavy harmful components that make up tobacco smoke gradually “pollute” certain organs, one way or another affect the work of the body’s systems, bring their own, far from safe, “adjustments” to the structure of tissues. Among other things, nicotine tends to constrict blood vessels. And the skin, as you know, is speckled with thin blood vessels and tiny capillaries. That is, due to vasoconstriction, the skin will no longer receive oxygen in full, the pores become clogged, the excretory functions of the skin are disrupted, which sooner or later will affect its condition and may well lead to the occurrence of one or another disease, including psoriasis.

Smoking for psoriasis

If a person who is already sick with psoriasis is unable or unwilling to quit smoking, it is almost impossible for him to achieve prolonged periods of remission! No matter what therapies the doctor prescribes, no matter what innovative technologies the patient uses in the process of treating, no matter how effective drugs he tries to fight the disease, the result will almost always be not reassuring. Even if you smoke 2-5 cigarettes a day, the effectiveness of many medicines on the body is noticeably reduced, and the processes of skin regeneration take place at a slower pace.

In addition, nicotine has a negative effect on the immune system, reducing its protective functions. This means that exacerbations of psoriasis will occur more often, take longer and more severe. Serious complications are also not excluded, affecting not only the upper layers of the dermis and the occurrence of concomitant diseases, such as damage to the joints and the musculoskeletal system in general, the development of chronic diseases of internal organs, irreversible disturbances in the work of body systems.

It should be noted that for female smokers, the factors of influence of nicotine on the course of psoriasis are even more destructive, because it is women who are prone to severe manifestations of this disease due to smoking. Secondhand smoke is just as harmful as active smoking. First of all, relatives and friends of a person suffering from psoriasis should not forget about this, and try to do everything possible so as not to smoke in his presence.

Consider quitting smoking forever! Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of getting sick not only with psoriasis, but also with many other diseases. And for people who are not by hearsay familiar with this unpleasant disease, all the efforts, time, efforts of doctors, material resources of everything, due to failure to give up a bad habit, can come to naught.

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