Psoriasis – treatment with folk remedies

One of the promising scientific directions that medicine does not deny for psoriasis is folk remedies – they are based on the use of medicinal plants that can sometimes work wonders.  

What is psoriasis

Scaly lichen, this is what is most often called psoriasis, refers to skin diseases in which plaques of various sizes can be observed throughout the body. The disease is not contagious, is chronic in nature, during its course there are periods of exacerbation or attenuation.

It is the use of folk remedies, in the treatment of this ailment, that helps to reduce the symptoms of exacerbation, “stretching” the asymptomatic period for a long time.

Herbs to help treat psoriasis

When treating a disease, when no medications give visible improvements, many turn to old recipes that are prepared from herbs, vegetables, and plants. Usually these are decoctions, lotions, ointments, herbal preparations. It is impossible to cure a disease with the help of one herb, but their different combination can be very effective.

The herbs used for treatment are conventionally divided into the following groups:

· Specific plants with antiviral effect: juniper, birch and pine buds, wild rosemary, calendula flowers, lemon balm, oregano, thuja, thyme, poplar buds.

Plants that help to eliminate some of the symptoms of the disease:

– decoctions of mint, horsetail, yarrow will eliminate itching;

– redness will be removed by birch and linden leaves, sweet clover, arnica, astragalus;

– Aloe, flax, sea buckthorn, yarrow are effective against peeling.

Plants with diuretic, laxative, choleretic, blood-purifying properties that promote the removal of toxins from the body, such as: horsetail, birch leaves, lingonberry, bearberry, senna, rhubarb, flax, apples and plums, buckthorn, joster, barberry, St. John’s wort, chamomile , calendula flowers, tansy, immortelle, plantain, dandelion, black nightshade, chicory, tricolor violet.

· There are folk remedies recommended for eating for psoriasis : garlic, cabbage, carrots, spinach. Wheat germ, infusions made from mint, elderberry, wormwood, taken in equal parts. 

Psoriasis and pectins

To get rid of the disease, plants are recommended, which contain complex proteins – pectins. They have antimicrobial, antiviral and hormone-like effects, increasing the level of the body’s natural defenses without exerting any negative effects on it. The maximum amount of pectins is contained in herbs and plants: elderberry, calendula flowers, coltsfoot, willow-herb, sage, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, corn silk.

Rules for the use of folk remedies

How is psoriasis treated at home using folk remedies? The main thing is to choose a recipe that will effectively help. This is not easy, because everyone’s body is different, and the course of the disease is individual for everyone. You will most likely have to experiment.

· To achieve long-term remission, you need to try the action of several drugs.

· To see the result, you need to be patient. Only after completing the full course of treatment, which is at least ten days, can you notice an improvement.

· The treatment carried out with folk remedies should be complex – ointments are rubbed into the skin, and decoctions and infusions are taken internally.

· When using homemade recipes, do not forget about diet and skin protection from sun, wind and frost.


Using folk remedies in the treatment of psoriasis , it is possible to reduce the manifestations of this very complex and “capricious” disease. Of course, this will not happen right away, but with patience and perseverance, you can be sure that there will definitely be results. Good luck. 

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