Remedies for psoriasis

Before we start talking about remedies for psoriasis, I must say that it is impossible to completely get rid of this disease. The main cause of psoriasis is the “riot” of human immunity to skin cells. And modern medicine has not yet invented means that could prevent the attack of the immune system on the skin. The currently used methods and remedies for psoriasis only temporarily suppress the immune system, reducing the rash of psoriasis almost to their complete disappearance from the skin surface. As a rule, after a while, the disease returns. 

The most feasible task is to find the ideal balance between well-being, time spent, strength and material resources that a person suffering from psoriasis is ready to “throw” on the treatment of his ailment. In addition , it is important to consider the balance between treatment efficacy and its side effects. 

Before considering specific remedies for psoriasis, it is necessary to make a reservation that in the case of each individual person, the treatment of psoriasis will take place according to an individual scheme. A remedy that is effective for one patient may not work at all with another person.

Remedy for psoriasis – fly agaric tincture

Requires 3 unripe fly agaric mushrooms. Break the mushrooms, place in a glass jar and pour ½ liter of vodka. Let stand for 7 days. Then, with this tincture, lubricate the affected areas of the skin. Do not use inside under any circumstances.

Remedy for psoriasis – copper sulfate

Dissolve half a glass of copper sulfate in 1.5 boiled water, add ½ bottle of potassium permanganate there. In this solution, moisten a cotton swab and wipe the affected skin. Liquid should not be allowed to come into contact with healthy tissue. After application, wait 4 hours, then wash off the solution from the skin with cool water. Sometimes after such a procedure, a burning sensation appears. The solution is applied to the affected skin 2 times a day. As a rule, the course lasts 10 days, then a break is made for a week, and the treatment is repeated.

Remedy for psoriasis – propolis ointment

Dissolve ½ kilogram of sweet butter over the fire and boil. Put 5 tablespoons of grated propolis in hot boiling oil. Keep the mass on the fire, stirring occasionally, until it becomes homogeneous. Soak a textile napkin with this ointment. Before applying the oil, rub the affected skin with peroxide, then apply an oil-soaked napkin and a bandage that should be worn for 2 days. This ointment heals the affected skin and relieves pain.

Remedy for psoriasis – solidol

In ½ liter of white grease, pour 2 tablespoons of fresh honey, 1 egg white, two teaspoons of boric acid solution. Grind the leaves of the celandine plant, add them to the solution. Apply once a day to the affected skin.

Psoriasis Remedy – Egg Oil

Break hard-boiled egg yolks into pieces, fry without oil. After frying, a reddish oily liquid will stand out from the yolks. This oil should be used to lubricate the affected area. This remedy is believed to be very effective.

Remedy for psoriasis – herbal decoction

In equal parts, take a series, St. John’s wort, calamus. Twice as many – corn stigmas, elderberry, lingonberry, horsetail, celandine. Brew with hot water, let it brew. Take orally after meals for ½ glass 2 times a day.

Remedy for psoriasis – elderberry decoction

1 tablespoon of elderberry color and insist in half a liter of water. Take orally 3 times a day, half a glass after eating. 

Remedy for psoriasis – milk foam

Boil fresh country milk, heat for 5 minutes over low heat. Lubricate the affected skin with milk foam formed on the sides of the pan 2 times a day.

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