Skin is a mirror of human health

Skin is a visiting card of human health. If there are problems with immunity, then their consequences will be “on the face.” A yellow or pale complexion, acne, rash, redness, dryness are signs of any disease. Usually the skin shows disturbances in the body associated with intoxication.

In everyday life, sources of intoxication are everywhere. Various kinds of hemodified products, preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers. There are no less poisons in the composition of chemical agents to simplify life: dishwashing liquids, washing powders, deodorants. And on the street – a sea of ​​smells from factories, car exhaust, and much more. Day after day, year after year, people voluntarily absorb poisons, toxins and other harmful substances, provoking intoxication.

The concept of intoxication represents a “poison inside”. Toxins that come from the outside disrupt the functions of the body. Poisoning with harmful substances of various origins is the main cause of the onset of diseases. There are two types of intoxication – exogenous and endogenous. They differ in the way they enter the body.  

The patient receives endogenous intoxication from the poisons that are produced inside. If the internal organs fail, toxins are produced. For example, E. coli produces carbon dioxide in the intestines.

And exogenous intoxication develops when harmful substances enter from the outside. Poisonous substances appear in the body through airborne droplets, as well as together with water and food.

If the body is poisoned abruptly, for example, due to an intestinal infection, this is acute intoxication. Chronic intoxication results from long-term exposure to poisons and harmful substances from the environment: work in a hazardous enterprise, polluted air, long-term use of drugs or alcohol.

Fatigue, lethargy, apathy, poor appetite, headache, terrible condition of the skin, nails and hair are the surest signs of intoxication. The cause of intoxication is the slagging of the body. And the consequence of this is the deterioration of metabolism, dehydration of the body, the blood begins to carry less oxygen, erythrocytes change their shape. All these changes become visible on the skin.

There are approximately 60 trillion cells in the human body. The condition of each cell is an important point. And intoxication is the very first enemy and destroyer of the skin. To prevent skin diseases, you should follow simple rules for skin care.

· If chemicals are used at home, it is necessary to work with them with gloves.

· Skin irritation can occur from excessive use of creams, shower gels.

· The diet is directly reflected on the skin. Vitamins, the required amount of water will make the skin fresh and embellish with a healthy color.

Also, for a pleasant complexion, you should walk a lot in the forest. A walk in the fresh, clean air is, in some way, getting rid of intoxication.

· Drink clean water, water greatly affects the condition of the skin, because, as you know, a person is 80% water.

· Skin diseases are often cured by cleansing the body. The point of cleansing the body must be disassembled in more detail.

Acne, psoriasis, rash are signs of intoxication of the body. To improve the condition of the skin, cells should be cleansed of harmful substances. Sorbents are best used for this purpose.

The method of skin treatment using sorbents is one of the most widespread and effective. Enterosorbents are able to remove harmful substances from the body. Sorbents include drugs such as activated carbon, lignins, Polysorb.

If you drink sorbent chickens, the intestines will be cleansed and the skin will improve. For this purpose, doctors advise choosing the drug with the highest sorption capacity. For example, the medical product Polysorb has the highest cleansing ability.

Polysorb consists of natural silicon. Therefore, it cannot cause allergies. An environmentally friendly product without the addition of dyes and other chemicals will perfectly help get rid of acne, cleanse the skin, and in some cases Polysorb can be an assistant in the treatment of psoriasis.

In addition, Polysorb can be called a universal skin sorbent. Because it can be used not only internally to cleanse the body, but also externally. It makes an effective face mask. It is enough only to dissolve the powder of the preparation in water, until about the thickness of sour cream, and the mask is ready. 

The action of Polysorb occurs according to the following mechanism: particles of the drug absorb harmful substances of various origins and remove them from the body. Thus, the body is cleansed and getting rid of intoxication.

It is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, and poisons regularly. It is impossible to limit the impact of the environment, there will always be external factors affecting health. And getting rid of harmful substances is a huge contribution to health, not only the general condition of the body improves, but also the appearance.

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