The companion of eczema disease is itching. Why does it arise?

Psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, allergic rashes, dermatoses of a different nature and origin complicate the life of a sick person to a large extent. And this happens in several directions.

Firstly, acute inflammatory processes that occur on the surface of the skin in various parts of the body cause pain at the slightest touch. Especially if the disease is difficult, and the lesions are located in the anatomical zones, which are constantly exposed to mechanical stress. Secondly, the repulsive appearance of the external manifestations of such diseases, primarily acute eczema, create discomfort in the patient’s communication with the people around him. This leads to the development of an inferiority complex, neuroses, constant irritation, anxiety and self-uselessness, loneliness and depression. Thirdly, it is impossible to recover from eczema, therefore, patients with this type of dermatosis have to fight the symptoms of the disease throughout their lives, from time to time undergo a full-fledged complex therapeutic course of treatment and, of course, adhere to certain rules of behavior in everyday life, i.e. That is, follow a special diet, with increased attention to your health, etc. All this radically changes the life of a patient with eczema, and those little joys that a healthy person can afford are forever prohibited for him.

Save from the itch!

But there is another very unpleasant and annoying symptom of eczema disease Itching – sometimes mild, sometimes just unbearable, all-pervading and boring. It accompanies itching and the onset of the inflammatory process, and a period of stability, and regressive processes. Sometimes the desire to scratch the affected areas is so strong that patients greatly aggravate the course of the disease, stimulating the eczema spots to spread to other areas of the skin. In addition, by combing sore spots with your hands, it is very easy to bring an infection into the wounds, and then the disease can take on a completely different, more severe and not treatable form.  

It is believed that the more you scratch the skin lesion, the more itching will be. Indeed, it is so – eczema and itching are inseparable and interrelated. Moreover, quite recently, this fact has found scientific confirmation.  

In the course of a number of studies and experiments carried out by American scientists on laboratory mice, it was found with what the occurrence of itching sensations in eczema and other types of dermatological diseases is associated.

Scientifically confirmed

Eczema develops due to the overgrowth of special cells of the immune system – T-lymphocytes. And itching is caused by the activity of other cells in the body – neutrophils. T cells, under the influence of certain factors, activate their activity and begin to massively attack healthy cells of the skin. In this case, the release of an enzyme substance is observed, which, in fact, becomes the root cause of the development of inflammatory rashes, an allergic reaction of the skin and severe itching, so characteristic of eczema.

If you scratch the affected areas of the body, this further activates the activity of neutrophils, that is, the itching becomes even stronger. The cells of the immune system produce the lipid leukotriene B4, the increased content of which in the patient’s blood signals that the situation in the affected area is worsening. New detachments of T-lymphocytes are immediately sent to the lesion, attacking healthy skin cells with triple force. As a result, the itching automatically intensifies.

But there is also encouraging news. In the process of studying this problem, scientists managed to synthesize a drug that is able to block the release of leukotriene B4 by neutrophils. The allergic reaction due to the use of such a remedy is noticeably reduced, and soon all T cells disappear from the area affected by eczema.

That is, it can be hoped that a new generation of medication will soon appear that will cope with itching in eczema and other dermatoses much more effectively than the sedative drugs used today. And the disease will be defeated thanks to innovative treatment.

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