Treatment of psoriasis only with folk remedies

There are people who do not believe in modern medicine. In their opinion, the “chemistry” that is included in the composition of medicines does not benefit the body. Therefore they consider the treatment of psoriasis only by folk remedies to be more effective than other methods. It is difficult to argue with this, this disease is unpredictable, scientists are still powerless against it.  

About psoriasis

First century BC – people are already familiar with a disease that covers the skin with red spots that cause itching. Many famous people, among whom was the leader of “all times and peoples” Stalin, the French revolutionary Marat, the kings of the prime minister, knew firsthand about her.

The disease can most often be observed on the outer skin, although it can affect any organ of a person. At the initial stage, rashes with a scaly surface appear on the skin. Gradually, they develop into pink-red spots, towering above the main skin, and covered with silvery scales.

Psoriasis is a disease without gender and age. Both men and women get sick with the same frequency. The first symptoms can manifest themselves in infants and in old age.

Since it is completely impossible to cure the disease, the main task is to reduce the itching and the size of the plaques – to achieve long-term remission.

Folk remedies – helpers in the fight against the disease

To achieve long-term remission, if the treatment of psoriasis is chosen only with folk remedies, it is required:  

· Completion of the full course of treatment;

· Carrying out combined treatment, in which oils, ointments, suspensions are used externally, and decoctions and herbal infusions are used internally;

· Ensuring proper effective protection of the skin from external irritants – sun, cold, wind.

Having decided on home treatment, you can use: herbal therapy; apply therapeutic mud; use mineral salts and natural oils; medical treatment with propolis; herbal medicine; various natural ingredients.

When treating with herbs, you need to be careful, because the use of some plants can be dangerous.

For the treatment of psoriasis, natural oil, mineral salts and some specific methods are often used.

· Sea buckthorn and linseed oil are used to lubricate hardened plaques several times a day.

Appliques of propolis and vitamin A are effective.

· Good help for skin with “marks” of psoriasis baths, with the addition of sea salt.

· Grated potato gruel is applied to the affected skin areas for three hours, in the form of a compress.

Urine therapy for the treatment of psoriasis is widely used, but this technique is not for everybody. Urine is used for oral administration and for external treatment of papules.

Several miraculous recipes

· Blackberry infusion. Brew five teaspoons of dried blackberry leaves with half a liter of boiling water, cover with a lid, soak for four hours, and drink half a glass, half an hour before meals, four times a day. The course of treatment is forty-five days.

· Infusion of chicory. Dilute three dessert spoons of ground chicory with one glass of boiling water and put the infusion in a water bath. Withstand a quarter of an hour, cool, drain. In this composition, wet the bandage and apply it to the plaques for about thirty minutes.

· Pumpkin tail. Bake a few pumpkin tails in the oven until they turn to ash. In the evening, shortly before bedtime, grease the papules with garlic juice, and sprinkle with ashes from pumpkin tails on top.


No one will argue that the treatment of psoriasis only with folk remedies is quite effective and efficient. Just remember: such treatment is safe when the disease is not complicated by additional infections. In these cases, doctors should be invited to help nature, so as not to aggravate the situation. Good luck.  

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