Treatment of psoriasis – there are remedies!

If diagnosed with psoriasis, it is unpleasant, but it happened, and life goes on. No need to give up, start treating psoriasis – there are remedies for this, both folk and those offered by modern medicine.  

Meet psoriasis

Non-infectious chronic skin disease psoriasis, recognizable by the sharply delineated scaly areas of the skin on the human body – papules. They can “settle” on the arms, legs, scalp, genitals and a number of other places.

Heredity, stressful situations, sunburns, skin injuries, infectious diseases, HIV infection, and the use of a number of medications are considered provocative causes of the disease.

Is it possible to cure psoriasis

When asked if it is possible to finally get rid of psoriasis, the answer is no. Today this disease is considered incurable. But, there is reason for optimism. There are ways and methods to “transfer” the disease to the stage of protracted remission, which can last for years. At the same time, clinical symptoms disappear – redness, itching, peeling of the skin.

The method of treatment of the disease is chosen by the doctor, choosing medicines depending on the age of the patient, the severity of the disease, the stage and form of the disease, the presence of existing complications, taking into account the concomitant diseases.

Doctors say that the treatment of psoriasis and the remedy is chosen correctly if all papules – plaques disappear from the skin, except for one, which is called “on duty”.  

The course of treatment is long, it takes up to two months, but it can increase if the patient gets into any stressful situation.

For treatment, drugs produced by the pharmaceutical industry are used. With their help, you can control the spread of the disease and minimize the manifestation of symptoms.

· The application of hormonal ointments to the plaques is considered effective. The time of application of such remedies is limited, therefore, treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician. Uncontrolled use of such ointments can provoke secondary infections, dermatitis, dry skin, allergies.

· Irradiation with ultraviolet rays. This technique, when used correctly, is able to stop the spread of skin lesions and smooth out the severity of symptoms.

· Method of photochemotherapy. It is one of the most effective treatments for psoriasis. It is used for especially severe forms of the disease. The essence of the method: the affected skin areas are exposed to ultraviolet rays with a certain wavelength. With this technique, the patient must take photosensitizing drugs. If this type of therapy is regular, then up to 95% of skin lesions will disappear.

· Method of laser therapy. This technique is especially often used in the treatment of scalp psoriasis.

Proper nutrition is considered a mandatory and important point in the treatment of psoriasis – adherence to a special diet.

Diet for psoriasis patients

For those diagnosed with psoriasis, doctors recommend a constant diet. Alcohol, hot spices, chocolate, garlic, and onions should be excluded from the diet. A prerequisite is limiting the consumption of fatty and fried meat, smoked products, honey, which is a strong allergen.

Recommended: eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, excluding those that are red, boiled low-fat varieties of fish and meat. The ideal food for this disease is bland food.


If you see that after starting the treatment of psoriasis, the means of modern medicine do not suit you due to severe side effects, then do not despair – folk recipes will help you. There are a huge number of them, among them there is one that will definitely help. Good luck.  

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