Psoriasis. Home treatment

Psoriasis, like other skin diseases of a recurrent inflammatory nature, have been known to mankind for a long time. What specific factors determine the increased predisposition of a person to the onset of psoriasis has not been fully established. It is believed that psoriatic plaques appear on different parts of the human body after suffering nervous stress, due to the presence of a chronic infectious disease in the body, due to malfunctions in the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems, due to a decrease in the protective functions of the body, that is, weakening of immunity … That is, we can make a generalized conclusion that psoriasis is one of the psychosomatic types of diseases, an unambiguous method of treatment for which has not yet been found.

Official medicine or home treatment?

Yes, of course, there are many medicines, modern technological methods, medical devices for external and internal use, which are used for the complex treatment of this disease. But all these measures, all therapies and tactics are aimed at reducing all the symptoms of psoriasis to a comfortable state of health of the patient.

Although psoriasis is not so much painful as an unpleasant disease, it must be treated responsibly, always under the guidance of an experienced dermatologist. This is explained by the fact that inadequate treatment or neglect of the prescribed course can lead to an aggravation of the disease, as a result of which the patient may develop a severe form of psoriasis, affecting not only the surface layers of the epidermis, but also the internal organs.

Traditional medicine offers its own methods of treating such a common disease as psoriasis. Home treatment , of course, cannot cure the disease, but the main task of all such measures is to eliminate cosmetic defects from the surface of the skin, as well as reduce burning and itching, which are indispensable signs of psoriasis. However, even proven home remedies and formulations should only be started after a complete medical examination and detailed consultation with a dermatologist. 

Here are some proven and effective home remedies for psoriasis.

Affordable and effective!

The healing properties of apple cider vinegar have been known for a long time. It is also used to treat various inflammatory processes on the skin, and for the early healing of burns, and to prevent the development of secondary infections at the sites of injury.

This means that the high disinfecting properties of apple cider vinegar will help fight diseases such as psoriasis. Home treatment involves using this remedy as a component for baths (in low concentration), in which limbs affected by psoriasis are immersed for several minutes. If psoriatic plaques are located on the head, torso, back, then you can take baths with apple cider vinegar, making sure that its concentration is not too high. In addition, you can spray the lesions with an apple solution using a spray bottle.  

Such procedures contribute to the early reduction of the external symptoms of psoriasis, reduce itching, significantly reduce burning and pain in the affected skin areas.

It is very important to maintain softness and optimal hydration of the skin at all times in the presence of psoriasis. The first assistants in this are not cosmetic body care products and not even medicinal ointments prescribed by doctors, but natural vegetable oils, masks and compresses from which show an amazing healing effect.

For example, if you add just one teaspoon of garlic, calendula, orange, olive, almond, oregano, etc. oil to ½ tbsp. warm milk, and then rub this composition into the skin affected by psoriasis with delicate massaging movements – scaly unaesthetic plaques will soon become almost invisible.

In addition, home treatment for psoriasis offers the use of baths with sea salt, the use of juice of medicinal fruits, sessions of special therapeutic massage and many, many other means. The merits of traditional medicine include the fact that almost all of its methods are safe, so if any treatment option will cause rejection in the patient with psoriasis or will not bring relief, you can always use another method.

But! In any case, a doctor’s consultation will be required by all means! Don’t forget this!

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