May I buy the pills without prescription?

Yes. We do not need your prescription. However, you have to know your dosage and how to take the drug.

How many pills are available for the order?

You may order as many pills, as you want. Bear in mind, in case of ordering more than 60 pills, we will send it in two separate envelopes: 30 pills in one envelope, and 30 pills in another.

Where are your pills from?

We work with manufacturers that are located in India.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we send medications to any country.

When my order will be delivered?

The order will be delivered within 3-8 business days during the EMS, and 3-5 weeks during AirMail.

How may I pay for the order?

An order may be paid by means of Visa or MasterCard. We also accept e-checks. During the order, enter your bank details on a billing page, and money will be automatically charged from your credit card.

How should I store the pills?

Please, read a product instruction. There is information how to properly store the medicine.

Where can I see a shelf life of the drug?

A shelf life of the drug is printed on a blister with the pills.

How can I cancel the order?

If you have not received your order yet, you may cancel the order in your user area. If the order was paid, we cannot cancel it.

Do you sell licensed pills?

Yes, we work with proved and licensed manufacturers only. We do not sell unregistered medications.

Why does the medicine differ from the pharmacy medicine?

We also sell Generic products. If you see a different shape of a pill, or a different color of the pack, it means that you have bought Generic pills. Generic pills have the same active ingredients and have the same action. The only difference is a cost of the drug, they cost cheaper than brand medicines.

Why I have not received a confirmation email?

Please, check your spam folder. If a confirmation email is not there, check your email address. You may have written a wrong email address.

How may I contact you?

In case of any questions or problems with ordering, please go to Contact Us page and leave us a message there.

Do you have discounts?

We offer free shipment, if the order costs more than $200. Our regular customers also have 10% off discount.

How to take Lamisil?

There are different types of Lamisil: pills, and ointment. Read a product instruction before using any medication. Or it is better to see a doctor to find out how to correctly use the medicine.

Where to find a tracking number?

A tracking number will be automatically sent to your email. Or you may contact use, and our customer support will tell you a tracking number.

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